David Korten quotes

David Korten is a renowned author, economist, and visionary thinker who has dedicated his life to studying the flaws of our current economic system. With over four decades of experience, Korten has become a leading voice for alternative economic models that prioritize sustainability, poverty alleviation, and community well-being. Throughout his career, Korten has authored numerous influential books, including "When Corporations Rule the World" and "Change the Story, Change the Future." His writings challenge conventional wisdom, advocating for a shift from profit-driven capitalism to a more inclusive and equitable system. As a tireless advocate for change, Korten has traveled the globe, speaking at international forums and sharing his expertise on transforming our economies. His thought-provoking ideas have sparked discussions among policymakers, academics, and activists worldwide. David Korten's insights and solutions for economic transformation align perfectly with the demands of today's world. Through his work, he inspires individuals and organizations to rethink their roles in society and work towards a more sustainable and fair future. Join David Korten on his mission to create a world that values people and the planet over profit. Together, we can shape an economic system that truly benefits all. Visit his website to learn more about his groundbreaking work and discover ways to get involved in this inspiring movement.

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