Honore De Balzac quotes

Honore De Balzac (1799-1850) was a French literary giant and one of the founders of realism in literature. Known for his intricate storytelling and detailed character development, Balzac created a vast and interconnected universe in his series of novels and stories collectively known as "La Comédie Humaine." With his sharp observations of society, Balzac captured the nuances of human behavior, exploring themes such as love, ambition, and social hierarchy. His works, including "Eugenie Grandet" and "Lost Illusions," have become classics of French literature, displaying his deep understanding of human nature. Balzac's passion for his craft led him to tirelessly write and revise, adopting a disciplined routine of writing up to 15 hours a day. His profound impact on literature resonates even today, making him a revered figure of French literary history.

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